Nathaniel Rateliff – Redemption: DJ Pick of the Week


Today’s DJ Pick of the Week goes to Nathaniel Rateliff for his new song “Redemption” which was written especially for Apple’s new original movie Palmer that comes out today. The film starring Justin Timberlake tells the story of a past football player named Eddie Palmer who returns home after 12 years in prison and forms an unlikely bond with an outcast boy who comes from a troubled home. 

In a recent interview about the song Rateliff said, “When I was first asked to write a song for Palmer, I was told what the film was about and where the song was going to be used. The melody and the opening line came to me immediately. But it wasn’t until I had a conversation with Justin [Timberlake] that helped me to put the song together. He said the film was about redemption. I saw that in the characters and did my best to add to the scene in the film.” 

“as it takes its hold

And it won’t let you go

I’m reminded of the cold

And how it’s taken so much from me

Are you worthy of being saved?

All your fears and insecurities”

Lyrics from “Redemption by Nathaniel Rateliff

Rateliff’s song was recently released in December of 2020. The powerful track is about a man’s journey towards freedom while running away from a dark past. Rateliff uses sparing instrumentation in the song which helps the lyrics come across in a stronger, more meaningful way. The vocals in the song build on each other throughout the song, bringing home the true power in “Redemption”. Check it out below! 

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