Newton Faulkner — “Four Leaf Clover”: DJ Pick of the Week


English folk-rocker Newton Faulkner released “Four Leaf Clover” earlier this year, the first single from his new album Interference (Of Light). As the name suggests, the song describes the feeling that comes when everything is going your way. With its steady, strong beat and a guitar riff that matches the song’s bright vibes, “Four Leaf Clover” is the picture of optimism. In celebration of the album’s release today, we’re featuring “Four Leaf Clover” as Rev. Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week! 

“Four Leaf Clover” is a love song about feeling lucky to have your significant other. The chances of finding just the right person are low, but Faulkner feels like he’s hit the jackpot. The song’s warm feeling multiplies with the help of his now-wife, son, and other family members who hopped on to the backing vocals. 

The lyric video for the song adds to the theme of luck. As the lyrics go by, Faulkner sits in front of a poker-chip background. Check it out below!

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