Must Stop: ONR ft. Sarah Barthel- DJ Pick of the Week


Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week! 

Today’s pick comes from Scottish singer-songwriter, ONR. ONR, or “honor” if you are reading aloud, is still fairly new to the music scene. Robert David Shields (ONR), has yet to release a full album. He popped up on the scene in 2017 with two successful singles, “Jericho” and “5 Years Time”. After this initial success, he released a few more singles and remixes in 2018, but nothing for the whole of 2019. In 2020, he’s exploded back on the music scene with five new singles along with acoustic versions of each one; “Sober”, “Human Enough”, “Crash Landing”, “Kill TV” and “Must Stop”. We have yet to get a full-length album from ONR.

The subject of today’s pick and his newest release is the surprisingly upbeat “Must Stop”. This hyper-pop song features Sarah Barthel of Phantogram. The combination of Shields and Barthel’s vocals are definitely the stand out from this single. They both blend harmoniously to create an infectiously catchy tune. This song is about being hurt over and over again, but coming back for more. This song highlights the addiction to love even if it’s accompanied by tremendous pain. This single marks a new chapter in ONR’s discography, this song shows that he’s found his own sound. In contrast with his previous tunes, “Must Stop” blends electronica, indie, and bedroom pop to create an unforgettable song. 

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Written by: Madison Sharp