Peter Bjorn & John – Gut Feeling


Jayson here with new music from Swedish trio Peter Bjorn & John as my DJ pick of the week! “Gut Feeling” is a single off their most recent effort Darker Days.

“The story of ‘Gut Feeling’ begins at the first gig in the U.S. after our last album, Breakin’ Point. Backstage in the club in Nashville I was waiting for soundcheck and started writing what was to become ‘Gut Feeling,’ the words came subconsciously: ‘I think we need to talk about it, if we don’t wanna live without it,'” said Björn Yttling of the track.

The title Darker Days was the starting point of the album and became the central theme with each member writing about their own interpretation of darkness – Peter tackling what’s happening in the world right now, Björn delving into relationship issues, and John exploring the shadows of our own psyche.

Give “Gut Feeling” a listen below and let us know what you think!


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