PONCÉ – “Human Condition”: Local Artist of the Week


Nashville rock duo PONCÉ is Lightning 100’s Local Artist of the Week! The group recently released a new single, “Human Condition,” which juxtaposes an upbeat rock groove with a dark lyrical theme.

The song begins with nothing but vocals and piano accompaniment. It then shifts after a dramatic pause, after which the drums and guitar enter and completely transform the feel of the song. The song remains much more upbeat going forward, which lies in direct contrast with the song’s heavy lyrics.

Throughout the song, the lyrics feature many references to violence and war. These references include “dynamite,” “flash grenade,” “explode,” “blow it up,” “twelve round fight,” “kamikaze,” “total demolition,” “catastrophe,” and “self destruction.” PONCÉ utilities this imagery in the lyrics to depict the struggles the singer faces in his life and relationship and blames it on his “Human Condition.” Human condition is traditionally defined as “all of the characteristics and key events that compose the essentials of human existence, including birth, growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict, and mortality.” Based on their lyrics, it’s clear that PONCÉ has a different take. It seems that PONCÉ considers “human condition” to be solely inclined towards conflict and destruction. 

PONCÉ has a free EP release show this Thursday, October 7th at The 5 Spot. They’ll be joined by fellow Nashville artists Molly Martin and BadCulture. Come on out if you can, and check out “Human Condition” on YouTube below: 

Listen all week to hear “Human Condition” as we feature PONCÉ as our Local Artist of the Week! Listen live on-air at 100.1FM or at lightning100.com.