Purr “Drift” – Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Drift” from Purr! The New York duo, Eliza Barry Callahan and Jack Staffen, have created an introspective and conceptual album called Who is Afraid of Blue?

Callahan and Staffen were inspired by artist Barnett Newman and his painting series Who is Afraid of Red, Yellow, and Blue? Taking the abstract image and emotion from these paintings, they transformed it into music. Who is Afraid of Blue? is an collection of songs about fear and loss but also the liberation from these feelings. After three years since their previous release, Purr put together an powerful album relating to deep human emotions.

The second track, “Drift,” is about wanting a loved one to help themselves. The chorus sings “You want it, you need it, you got it,” pushing whoever is listening to take exactly what they think they deserve. The duo have the ability to describe universal feelings in a poetic manner, this is exemplified in these lyrics. This song doesn’t fit into an exact genre, and instead as an original, addictive feel. With a acoustic sound throughout, it nods towards traditional folk with a psych pop twist.

Check out Who is Afraid of Blue? and listen to “Drift” below!

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