Radio Cloud – Ruston Kelly: DJ Pick of the Week

Ruston Kelly

Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week

Nashville-based artist, Ruston Kelly, has just released a brand new single to promote his upcoming album Shape & Destroy. Kelly moved to Nashville seven years ago to start his singer-songwriter career. Since 2013, the musician has made a name for himself in Music City with his most popular track “Mockingbird. Kelly has released two full EPs, and one full-length debut album. Shape & Destroy will be the artist’s sophomore album, and so far we are loving it. 

Ruston Kelly has released three songs to his 13 track album coming out on August 28, 2020. Today, we are featuring his most recent release “Radio Cloud.” Kelly writes that during the process of creating his new album he turned to the ritual of free writing––a concept he used for a means of self-preservation. Shape & Destroy documents the musician’s experience of maintaining sobriety, and facing the demons that led him to drug abuse. “Radio Cloud” gives off a very upbeat, catchy tune, but the lyrics clearly represent Kelly’s search for himself: 

“Who was I then / Who the hell am I now / I’ll do whatever / Till I figure it out” 

The rest of Kelly’s album out on August 28 is bound to be a bundle of raw and beautiful lyrics that come together to create an untold story. Until then, make sure to check out “Radio Cloud,” streaming now on Lightning 100 and below! 

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Written by Cate Burgan