Radio Free Universe- Love Right Now: DJ Pick of the Week

RUF Facebook Photo
RUF Facebook Photo

Jayson’s DJ pick 

The genre-bending Canadian band, Radio Free Universe, is back with a new single, “Love Right Now” off of their new album Love. Frontman George Panagopoulos dove into the meaning of the single with music blog, American Songwriter.

This song is about the power of empathy. We are each our own light, individual beating hearts trying to survive. Now is a defining time in history. Where humanity will end up depends solely on our ability to love one another. When everything else goes away, love is all we have.”

This single is a powerful statement against the constant hate and negativity we all seem to be surrounded by these days. Even though this single was written before the world seemed to be “ending,” the lyrics have never seemed to ring more true. 

The goal of the new RFU album, Love, is to unite one another no matter how different we may seem. This five-person band has a unique ability to merge many genres seamlessly. This single is a mix of Sublime’s reggae rock and the 90’s funk of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This new album is full of songs that take inspiration from rock, country, funk, soul, and even pop. These styles merge together in a cohesive way that makes the listener feel a wide array of emotions from happiness, empathy, love, and even loss.

This is RUF’s first studio album, and it lives up to the hype of the first few singles released in 2019. Check out this single and record for a nice vacation even if your only trip this year is moving from the bed to the living room. 

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written by Madison Sharp