*repeat repeat — “Adult Friend Finder”: Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ pick of the week is “Adult Friend Finder” by *repeat repeat. The East Nashville natives and husband-wife duo are made up of Jared and Kristyn Corder. The two recently made the move to more rural surroundings on the Tennessee/Kentucky border. The change in scenery and atmosphere has assisted a creative push and evolution of their sound.

The track is one of 27 from their latest album, Everyone Stop, released in two versions. In addition to five unheard songs, “The Album Version” compiles 22 accumulated singles released over the past two years. At nearly two hours in length, “The Experiential Version” is “meant to be listened to all the way through in one shot,” according to *repeat repeat.

Per the band, “Adult Friend Finder” explores the struggles of finding friends as grown adults. With witty, straightforward lyrics, the duo reminds listeners that good friends are hard to come by. Further, they remind us that the ones you do have “have your back” despite life’s interruptions and distractions.

Check out the track below:

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