*repeatrepeat — “Dearly Departed”: DJ Pick of the Week


Our friends at *repeatrepeat helped kick off our 4th of July weekend with the release of their new song “Dearly Departed.” With up-tempo guitar and infectious melody, the band describes the thought process of an artist stuck in life and lost in his head. “Dearly Departed” is Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week! 

The band said on their Twitter account that “Dearly Departed” is about “a washed up lounge singer reflecting on his shitty life.” The lyrics depict someone who continually makes things worse for themselves because they’ve become comfortable in their despair.

“For so long I’ve been getting used to feeling miserable / Don’t you feel miserable too? / Why do I do what I do? / I couldn’t fix it if I wanted to.”

Though the anguished nature of the lyrics is clear, they hide themselves behind a breezy, up-beat sound. These things come together to make for a jamming, windows-down listen!

In the music video for the song, the aforementioned “washed up lounge singer” plays the song in a retro get-up, which features yellow aviators, a tiny, fake goatee, and a brown wig. As she stands in front of an unenthusiastic backing band, beads of sweat trickle down her forehead, and streams of alcohol trickle down her chin. You can check it out below! 

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