Our Song- Rainbow Kitten Suprise: DJ Pick of the Week

RKS photo by Madison Sharp
RKS photo by Madison Sharp

Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week! 

Today’s DJ pick comes from North Carolina natives, Rainbow Kitten Suprise. RKS was formed at Appalachian State University in 2013; in the same year, they released their debut album, Seven + Mary, and it was an instant hit. This college quintet has blown up over the last few years after their debut album, they have gone on to release two more full-length studio albums, 2015’s RKS and 2018’s How to: Friend, Love, Freefall. As of late, Rainbow Kitten Suprise is back with a brand new single, and their first release since 2019. 

“This song is for you, the fans”- Sam Melo

“Our Song” is the newest project from RKS, and the track is described as a collaboration with, and for the band’s fans, as it’s accompanied by a fan-animated live video. Lead singer, Sam Melo said, “This song is for you, the fans”. “Our Song” has a bit of 90s’ flare to it, accompanied by the classic lyrical styling from Sam Melo. One of Rainbow Kitten Suprise’s biggest talents is lyrical ability, each song feels like a beautifully written story, with specific and quirky details. Each song is crafted in such a special way, most songs are catchy and upbeat, but feature such heavy and thought-provoking lyrics, the listener will often get sucked in and not even realize it. Some songs that highlight this lyrical genius are “Seven”, “Cocaine Jesus”, and “Polite Company”. 

2020 has robbed us of so many wonderful things, but most of all it has robbed us of live music. RKS is a live band, and they put their all into each and every electric performance. They often take to Instagram to lament over the days of live music and how much they miss that energy. They even played at our very own Live on the Green festival in 2018 and put on the most exhilarating show. Check that out below if you miss live music as much as we do! 

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Written by: Madison Sharp