HIDE (MYSELF BEHIND YOU) – Ron Gallo: DJ Pick of the Week

Ron Gallo Press Photo
Ron Gallo Press Photo: Credit Chiara D'Anzieri

Today’s pick comes from Philadelphia born Nashville favorite, Ron Gallo. Gallo got his start playing in bands around the Pennsylvania area. After relocating to Nashville, he quickly became known in the local underground indie scene. In 2018 Gallo released two full-length albums, Stardust Birthday Party and Really Nice Guys. As of late, he has been busy keeping us entertained and has released three brand new singles. 

In early March, right as the world began to end, Gallo took to the livestream format. He performed via his home to make up for festival appearances and concerts that were canceled as a result of the pandemic. Gallo was one of the first artists to take his music to a live platform. The success that surrounded these streams allowed him to release REALLY NICE FEST on March 18, 2020. This ever-changing digital festival / art platform hybrid is designed to be a creative outlet for all artists. This festival is for anyone and everyone to create and enjoy, it will continue to be up and updated throughout the duration of the pandemic. Go check out this digital art fest for some much-needed relief, and as a reminder to stay home as much as possible, your favorite artists are only a click away. 

Besides creating an insane digital art platform for the world to enjoy, Gallo has also released some new music. The subject of our affection today is his latest single, “HIDE (MYSELF BEHIND YOU).” 

This upbeat single focuses on the insecurities of love. 

“HIDE is about being with someone because how they make you feel or the idea of them rather than who they really are. Sometimes we say “I love you, I want to be with you,” but maybe we really mean “I don’t like me, I don’t want to be with myself, and you can help distract me from me”, says Gallo. 

This single is a perfect example of how Gallo’s music has evolved over the years. His first albums have a more grunge garage sound, but his new releases focus more on bedroom indie-pop. “HIDE” is a fun single that makes you re-think your love life. Full of nostalgia, this song is reminiscent of early 2010’s indie and has a catchy chorus that has you clicking the replay button over and over. 

Be sure to keep up with Gallo and REALLY NICE FEST for all your favorite distractions. 

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Written by Madison Sharp