Ruston Kelly – “The Weakness”: Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week

Ruston Kelly

Jayson’s DJ Pick of the week is “The Weakness” by Ruston Kelly! As the title track to Kelly’s anticipated third record, “The Weakness” delivers a devout indie-rock anthem. Despite the acoustics of his last album, Kelly seems very comfortable stretching into the alternative setting. The track aims to achieve a sonic landscape to match the emotive lyricism. With layers of roaring electric guitar colliding seamlessly to emulate the steep, haunting wavelengths of his honest vocal cry.

The video emphasizes similar somber tones with black-and-white coloring and a nostalgic set design. These intentional details highlight themes of struggle by bravely entering scenes of domestic struggle. Nonetheless, the intimate visual aims to inspire the release that comes with breaking free.

Lyrically the track exposes the depths of weakness, a theme that appears throughout the upcoming record. The refrain of the piece, “We don’t give in to the weakness,” sheds light on how acknowledging weakness is a large part of self-discovery and the human experience. Furthermore, this refrain is the focal point, simultaneously fueling the surrounding confessional lyrics and imposing dynamic swells.

Ruston Kelly sets the bar high for his new record showcasing his versatility and vulnerability. Much to his reputation, the first single is likely to be just the tip of the iceberg for the South Carolina native.

The Weakness is due to be released on April 7th to follow up his 2020 project, Shape and Destroy.

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