Samia — “Mad At Me”: Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


Stephanie’s DJ pick of the week is the latest from Samia, “Mad At Me.” The single is featured on her Sophomore album, “Honey,” which will be out on January 27th!

“Mad At Me” has a vibrant, indie/dance pop sound, with an airy synth and up-tempo drum beat. The song is co-written with Rostam Batmanglij, and features Papa Mbye. The lyrics are rooted in a poem Samia wrote about chasing confidence. In the song, she tries to imagine what it would be like to stop caring about what others think. The track’s carefree visuals and upbeat attitude oppose the lyrics and perfectly demonstrate the contrast of inward thoughts vs. outward behavior.

Samia brings the song to life in the music video, directed by herself and Muriel Knudson. From an outsider’s perspective, Samia and her friends appear to be having a good time, without any worry. What we don’t see, but what Samia sings about, are those impeding thoughts of insecurity and doubt.

While currently touring the UK, opening for Maggie Rogers, Samia has recently announced her own US headline tour with special guest, Tommy Lefroy.

Don’t miss Samia’s show at Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville on March 11th!

Listen to the track below:

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