Sheryl Crow “Digging In The Dirt” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week 

Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow "Digging In The Dirt" - Dan's DJ Pick of the Week

Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is Sheryl Crow’s “Digging In The Dirt!” 

There are few artists that can create a discography as diverse and rich as Sheryl Crow. Despite being in the industry for decades, she has continued to revolutionize her sound and redefine the rock scene again and again. There’s no better way to celebrate her newest album than by playing this track all day!

This is the fourth single released in anticipation of Crow’s eleventh studio album, Evolution. The title track of the album, “Evolution” is a look into artificial intelligence. It even features Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello. This album includes features that only elevate her already vast discography. 

“Digging In The Dirt” is a cover of Peter Gabriel’s 1992 classic. Set as the second song on the album, “Digging In The Dirt” features vocals from Gabriel himself. This collaboration allows for the sonics of the track to soar. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Crow noted “Peter’s song is the one that started me on this whole process of making my new album Evolution, the first song I brought to Mike Elizondo. The idea of self-examination to understand our wounds and flaws and how they affect our daily lives really resonated with me, because that process can lead to self-healing.” 

The nine-time GRAMMY award winner and 2023 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee is releasing the album on March 29. From the singles released thus far, the album is set to have the lush vocals and rock sonics she’s known for. 

Listen to “Digging In The Dirt” Below!

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