Worry- Songhoy Blues: DJ Pick of the Week

Songhoy Blues Press Photo

Dan’s DJ Pick of the week! 

This week’s pick comes from the desert- blues group Songhoy Blues. They were formed back in 2012 in Mali. The band was forced to evacuate their homes due to rising civil unrest and the imposition of sharia law. They are also the subject of rock documentary; They Will Have To Kill Us First, showing how musicians all around Mali came together through music after Islamic extremist groups took over the area and banned all forms of music. 

Since their start, Songhoy has quickly become a powerhouse in multiple genres. In 2015, they released their debut album, Music In Exile. This breakout album told their story of loss and redemption through music. After this release, they have since played alongside Julian Casablancas, Alabama Shakes, and Damon Albarn. Taking inspiration from Jimi Hendrix and The Beetles, they create a sound all their own. Mixing blues, rock, and even elements of hip-hop Songhoy makes music for everyone. Each song creates a beautifully told narrative about the struggles of loss and the triumph of music being the one true equalizer. 

As of late, Songhoy is back with a brand new single, “Worry.” This is the first single off their highly anticipated third studio album. Sung entirely in English for the first time, this single is meant to unite a deeply divided world. This high-energy single is a perfect blend of southern rock and punk.“Worry” is an upbeat anthem that tells the listener not to worry and to keep fighting. This single is such an emotional reminder to push through, no matter how difficult the current situation. 

Songhoy says this about the meaning behind the new single, “The difficulties of life still weigh heavily on our societies, pushing many young people into deadlock. So, we decided to spread a positive energy with the song, a ray of hope for mankind by encouraging people to never stop fighting because, in the end, you’re bound to find the light.”

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written by Madison Sharp