Spooky Mansion – The Fight: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


Spooky Mansion was formed under unconventional circumstances. The four-piece group originally got together for a one-off performance at Owen Wilson’s 45th birthday party, but something about the partnership stuck. Now, they’ve just released their sophomore record The Curse to a cult following of fans. Here at Lightning 100 we can’t stop listening to “The Fight” released by ONErpm.

The Los Angeles-based band makes self-proclaimed “surf soul rock n roll.” They’re known for their genre blending, and this innovation certainly comes through on the latest record. Nonetheless, The Curse ushers in a new era of musical maturity for them— one defined by the recognition that less can sometimes be more.

“The Fight” is lullaby-like. Despite its heavy subject matter, the song is deceptively groovy and twinkly. Frontman and primary songwriter Grayson Converse’s unique vocal style only adds to the dreaminess. 

And don’t be scared of my body twitch 

That’s just how my spirit lifts

And floats into space

But that’s okay cause:

We’re in love

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