St. Paul and the Broken Bones – All I Ever Wonder


Lt. Dan Buckley here with my American Music Water DJ pick for this week: new from St. Paul and the Broken Bones, “All I Ever Wonder.” I love it! What do you think? ‪#‎L100DJPICKS‬

The Birmingham big band is back with a preview for their upcoming album, Sea of Noise (out Sept. 9), delivering the same soul sound that launched them into national stardom. According to frontman, Paul Janeway, the new record bears the same heart and soul of Half the City, their first album, but with a tightened, more-refined sound.

“If we had been forced to go into a studio a year and a half ago, we probably would have done a better version of Half the City,” Janeway shared on the band’s Facebook page. “There would have been nothing wrong with that. But we started evolving, or changing.”

The release of the highly anticipated, second album will pair with another national tour, and Nashville will host St. Paul and the Broken Bones on the evening it drops. Catch them at The Basement East on Sept. 9, and be sure to listen to their brand new single, “All I Ever Wonder” and let us know what you think.


  1. We just shot a video for this Song.Waiting eagerly to see how this turns out! The concept was beautiful. They’re are not a lot of things that can make me smile, laugh, and cry and make me feel good about all of them is this Song. I got ministry and healing from playing this Song over and over again! This one song by itself should go Platinum. If it doesn’t then that means people are being selfish and not sharing this groups music. It’s unique, I would rank them with anyone that has made history making music. And it’s real music, not so much digital. The Man can sing and his band can play. Someone is a he’ll of a writer, listen to the words…ok, I’m done….If I were a Billionaire, I would make a Damn record label, and force every radio station to keep all of their music in heavy rotation.

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