Bonny Light Horseman – “Someone to Weep for Me”: Stephanie’s DJ Pick


This week Stephanie’s DJ pick is “Someone to Weep for Me” by Bonny Light Horseman!

Bonny Light Horseman is a folk super trio consisting of Anaïs Mitchell, Josh Kaufman, and Eric D. Johnson. Brought together by fate (and friends Justin Vernon & Aaron Dressner of Big Red Machine) the band released a self-titled album in January 2020. The trio found great success with their first album in the UK. It consists of adaptations of British folk songs. Which is no wonder it hit number one on the UK Americana charts.

When Bonny Light Horseman announced their recent release “Rolling Golden Holy” they said it would have a more American feel. “Rolling Golden Holy” is an Americana-Folk album with some pop influence. According to the trio, “Rolling Golden Holy’ is a testament to interdependence, partnership, and trust at a moment when we crave such connections so much.”

“Someone to Weep for Me” is the fifth single off of “Rolling Golden Holy.” This song has stacked harmonies, soothing guitar riffs, and peppy mandolin. One thing that Bonny Light Horseman is great at is their ability to tell a story. Each song on “Rolling Golden Holy” is a vivid story of music and meaningful words. “Someone to Weep for Me” especially stands out as a story of wanting more. The lyrics mourn for a life to be lived to its fullest.

You can listen to “Someone to Weep for Me” by Bonny Light Horseman below!

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