Breeze “You’ve Decided” – Steph’s DJ Pick of the Week


Steph’s DJ Pick of the Week is “You’ve Decided” by Breeze!

“You’ve Decided” was the second single off the band’s latest LP Sour Grapes.

Based in Toronto, Breeze began as a solo project by acclaimed producer Josh Korody. Following its debut performance on KEXP, Breeze later developed into a unified five-piece band.

Breeze has been critically acclaimed for its intricate arrangements and distinct 90s feel. Sour Grapes builds on this sound with a fresh, intriguing approach. From start to finish, the album commands attention with ear-catching guitar riffs, ambient instrumentation, and playful disco grooves.

“You’ve Decided,” written by Korody, is a standout track. The intro explodes with a soaring guitar riff and an undeniable energy. Groovy basslines and dynamic percussion make this track instantly danceable.

Korody’s lyrics are candid and concise. They’re directed at someone with an unrelenting ego and an inability to see beyond their ideas of right and wrong. Korody’s frustration shows through lines like “You’ve decided that everyone is wrong but you.” The track’s euphoric instrumentation seamlessly blends into Korody’s emotive vocal delivery.

Lyrical honesty and an infectious beat are what make “You’ve Decided” a must-listen. 

Listen to “You’ve Decided” below!

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