girl in red – “I’ll Call You Mine”: DJ Pick of the Week


“I’ll Call You Mine” by girl in red is Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the week! girl in red, otherwise known as Marie Ulven, is a wildly popular artist from Norway. Her music began to take off in 2018 with her single “i wanna be your girlfriend”. Since then, she has released several singles, two EPs, and one album. Ulven has also worked with well-known artist and producer Finneas, who produced her single “Serotonin”.

“I’ll Call You Mine” is the tenth track of Ulven’s most recent album, if i could make it go quiet. It features prominent electric guitar and vocals. The lyrics provide a cinematic description of a relationship that seems like it could be in a coming-of-age movie. However, the lyrics become more bittersweet, introducing what seem to be her concerns in the relationship. According to Grandstand Media, relationships and the difficulty that comes with them is a rather significant theme for this album. They wrote,”Love, in all its messiness, is a constant muse on if i could make it go quiet, and Ulven delighted in challenging the mere concept of a love song, and what it can do, in her own way.”

The music video for this song follows a woman in her relationship. Beginning with placing a gun on a table in a diner, her girlfriend introduces her to a life of crime. At first, she is hesitant to participate, but does so in the name of love. You can watch that story unfold in the music video here:

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