Villagers — “So Simpatico”: DJ Pick of the Week


Irish pop-folk band Villagers released “So Simpatico” earlier this summer, the second single from their fifth album Fever Dreams. The song is a grand, sweeping love letter with elaborate instrumentation and simple, heartfelt lyrics. It feels like a swirling waltz or a garden party gathering with it’s breezy, romantic string section and slow, heartbeat-like rhythm. “So Simpatico” is Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week! 

In “So Simpatico,” frontman Conor O’Brien sings about finding his perfect match. “It’s a song of devotion,” he told DominoMusic, “whether to a person, the self, or the art of being, a struggle for authenticity is at its core.” So, no matter what kind of devotion you’re searching for, the song is written to fit into every kind of category.

The lyrics to the song were almost as elaborate as the music behind them. “We all jammed and recorded an early version with too many words,” O’Brien said, “I took it home and simplified it until it was as pure an expression as possible. It’s a pop song about the essence of love.”

The music video for the song aligns with its flowery feeling. Directed by Rosie Barrett, it follows a sad clown’s journey to self love.  “So Simpatico is a journey of awakening and self-reflection of a sad clown finding love within himself and sparking that zest for life that was lost some time ago,” Barett said. Check it out below!

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