That’s How Rumors Get Started — Margo Price: DJ Pick of the Week


Margo Price is one of our absolute favorites, with “Letting Me Down” taking the #1 spot on our Best of 2020 list. Today, Dan picked out “That’s How Rumors Get Started” as his pick of the week.

Price, a Nashville local, places her country influences front and center on this reflective track. “That’s How Rumors Get Started” sees her reuniting with an old acquaintance—and calling them out for all the lies they’ve told about her. “And here you are / Still doin’ you / It never worked out / But it never stopped you,” she sings with a quiet rage that recalls Stevie Nicks’ best work with Fleetwood Mac.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Price discussed the importance of “going for the authenticity card” on this track. And she certainly succeeds: everything about this feels like it comes straight from the heart. It’s endlessly charming, and as the first track on its parent album, it’s a roaring success.

Production from Sturgill Simpson helps to make this track a real standout on an album of all fantastic tracks. Price’s introspective lyrics and the wistful musical backdrop are a match made in heaven. On paper, this song is a scathing takedown. Paired with the music, it becomes something much more thoughtful and nuanced. We all know facing the past can be complicated and messy, and Price expertly captures that on this song. In short, you don’t want to miss this.

Check out a live performance from The Blues Kitchen below!

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