The 502s “Something’s Gonna Go Our Way” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week 

The 502s
The 502s "Something's Gonna Go Our Way' - Dan's DJ Pick of the Week

Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Something’s Gonna Go Our Way” by The 502s!

The 502s are a six piece band reigning from sunny Florida. They’ve cemented themselves in the indie folk scene throughout the past few years. Their sound is bright and energetic- fitting for the Florida natives. 

“Something’s Gonna Go Our Way” is the second single released from their self-titled album. It was written by the lead singer as an ode to his wife. In an Instagram post announcing the official release, they wrote “it was written as a mood booster for myself and my wife based off a saying we started using together.” That small phrase – “someday soon, something’s gonna go our way” became a backbone to the entire album. 

Although a simple thought, it brought “countless hope and belief” to the singer and his wife. The song was written with the same intention- to bring a little joy to fans. The track is light and airy with a bright message shining through. 

They’re currently on the road for the ‘Great American Road Trip Tour.’ With twenty-seven cities on their pit-stop list, The 502s will be spending the spring months traveling the US. This features a stop at Brooklyn Bowl Nashville tonight! 

Listen to “Something’s Gonna Go Our Way” below! 

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