The Ballroom Thieves – Can’t Cheat Death


Lani Ford​ here. Happy Friday! Check out my DJ pick of the week today from The Ballroom Thieves​ called “Can’t Cheat Death!” Stepping out of the box a bit. Let us know what you think!

For The Ballroom Thieves, the band’s journey has only just begun, but their roots already run quite deep. Now, on A Wolf in the Doorway the Thieves find themselves taking the very idea of “roots” and creating ways to make its associated sound progress, while making its encompassing spirit glow.

Stylistically, the trio finds a captivating mélange of acoustic styles, blending folk conventions with modern hymnals, delta blues grit with rich harmonies, exploring the basic constructions of pop music while almost wholeheartedly rejecting its restrictions at the same time.