The Black Crowes – Charming Mess: DJ Pick of the Week


The Black Crowes dug deep in the archives for “Charming Mess,” Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week. This previously unreleased track serves as the lead single for the upcoming rerelease of the band’s debut album Shake Your Money Maker.

Oddly enough, the band initially planned for “Charming Mess” to be their first single ever. Things changed, and it ended up on the cutting room floor entirely—until now. Even on first listen, it’s clear just how much this song belongs in Shake Your Money Maker‘s sonic landscape. The track fits right in with Crowes classics like “She Talks to Angels” and “Hard to Handle.”

“Charming Mess” is exactly the kind of Southern bluesy song we love from The Black Crowes. Chris Robinson’s trademark vocals are in full force on the track, and it’s a joy to behold. In light of the band’s tumultuous lineup changes over the years, hearing the original lineup is refreshing and exciting.

Check it out below!

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