The Brazen Youth – “Cloud Parade”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


Indie trio The Brazen Youth recently released their second single of the year, “Cloud Parade” – our featured ONErpm Hitmaker Alert! Nicholas Lussier, Charles Dahlke and Micah Rubin spent most of their time during the pandemic at Dahlke’s family farm. There, they’ve been able record new music, which they showcased with earlier release “Hometown,” and now with “Cloud Parade.”

“Cloud Parade” has a gentle and calming tone that follows their indie sound that they do so well. With powerful instrumentals, the listener is able to fully digest the lyrics and theme of the song. One might interpret this song as leaving behind things that have gone on too long. With the theme of moving on, The Brazen Youth discussed with Culture Collide what that could mean for their future.

We’ve thought about retiring! But, I think we’d like to get another album out of the way… We recorded 15 songs this summer, but I think we’re gonna record probably another 10, then look through that and see if we have an album.

The Brazen Youth, Culture Collide

With this mindset, this could mean fans getting to hear a new sound from The Brazen Youth. One that strays from their indie and folk roots and tests the waters for something different while they have the chance. The lyric video for “Cloud Parade” has a wide shot of the clouds at sunset as the trio stands in the background to paint the view. The ambiance the video creates gives viewers a sense of comfort and warmth that flows with the song and sets the mood for future songs to follow. It really gives listeners the chance to fully understand the song. Check it out below:

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