The Criticals “Clever Girl” – Mel’s DJ Pick Of The Week


Mel’s DJ pick this week is “Clever Girl” by The Criticals. An upbeat track with a 2000s retro rock sound, “Clever Girl” has a groove that will get you singing along.

The Criticals are a Nashville rock duo, forming in 2018. Parker Forbes and Cole Shugart met as kids at a music camp. They continued to feed off of each other’s musical energy ever since. Inspired by bands like The Rolling Stones and The Strokes, the two developed their music into an unforgettable blend of indie rock and vintage influences. After three successful EPs, the band is ready for more with a new EP due to release on July 21st. “Clever Girl” is the first single off of the EP, called Front Door Confrontations.

“Clever Girl” was the missing piece for the EP according to the band, tying the other songs together. Following the drop of the track,The Criticals told Amplify Music about the writing process. “Clever Girl started after having a dance party of all the new tunes we were really digging… We started Clever Girl with a desire for a robotic dance song, after a lull of only writing ballads and mid-tempo grooves… Some songs just arrive and it’s difficult to remember which path you took to get there, and that’s what Clever Girl was. It more or less fell out of us one afternoon.”

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