The Hails – “Breathless”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


“Breathless” is this week’s ONErpm Hitmaker Alert! From Gainesville, Florida The Hails formed at the University of Florida. The band is made up of 5 members, including Robbie Kingsley, Franco Solari, Dylan McCue, Andre Escobar and Zach Levy. Bordering the line between indie-rock and alt-pop, The Hails know how to write effortlessly cool and catchy songs. They’re on the road this spring supporting a few artists on tour including The Happy Fits, The Beaches, and The Moss!

Released on February 16, 2023, “Breathless” is the latest single from The Hails. A classic indie sound with a hint of surf-rock, lots of reverb, harmonies, and guitar fill the track. The juxtaposition between the verses and the chorus is perfectly executed. The soft, stripped verses, build up into a very full chorus, luring you in and keeping your attention. The Hails do a great job at showcasing each member’s abilities without outshining one another, a difficult feat to do. The chorus is cheeky, yet sweet, stating “‘Cause she takes all my money. She never remembers to call. She still leaves me breathless. I’ll be the first to let her know.” If you’re a hopeless romantic or happen to have a crush, “Breathless” is the song for you.

Check out their in-studio performance below, then get to the Basement East! The Hails is gearing up to play a sold out show tomorrow with The Happy Fits!

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