The High Hawks – “Singing a Mountain Song”: DJ Pick of the Week

The High Hawks

“Singing a Mountain Song” by The High Hawks is Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week! The High Hawks is a bluegrass supergroup based in Denver, Colorado. The band’s lineup consists of Vince Herman, Tim Carbone, Adam Greuel, Chad Staehly, Brian Adams and Will Trask. The members first met while on tour with their own bands, immediately connecting through music. With over 150 years combined experience, The High Hawks have taken the music scene by storm with their bluegrass-inspired rock.

The High Hawks’ style takes advantage of every group member’s experience. The instrumentation of “Singing a Mountain Song” includes multiple guitars, fiddle, bass, and drums. The guitar, bass, and drums form the foundation of the song as a wall of constant sound. The fiddle plays a solo atop this wall, setting the melody when the vocals are absent. Meanwhile, the vocal melody features multiple vocalists on the same pitches throughout the song. Occasionally, some of the vocals will break into a more complex harmony to add flair.

“Singing a Mountain Song” is the opening tune of the band’s self-titled debut album. The High Hawks is available to stream on most services, with physical copies sold here. In addition, the band has upcoming performances in May and June. Tickets for these shows, including a Nashville show in June, are available here. Otherwise, be sure to keep up with The High Hawks through their social media, as well as their website. Also, feel free to check out the official music video for “Singing a Mountain Song” below!

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