The Marías “Run Your Mouth” – Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week 

The Marías
The Marías "Run Your Mouth" - Jayson's DJ Pick of the Week

Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Run Your Mouth” by The Marías! 

“Run Your Mouth” marks the first release of the new year for the band. This single dropped with the announcement of their sophomore album, Submarine. From the album trailer and the visuals released so far, this album is going to be just as cohesive as their debut, CINEMA

The Marías is the creative collaboration of Marìa Zardoya and Josh Conway; this is matched with the immense talent of friends Jesse Perlman and Edward James. The quartet is a psychedelic-soul dream. Blending jazz percussion with hypnotic guitar riffs is no easy task. The addition of Zardoya’s silk vocals, however, blend to create beautifully intricate songs. 

“Run Your Mouth” is no exception. It’s absolutely hypnotic. Submarine is set to deliver “on a feeling of nostalgia, a sense that you’ve been here before but the geography has evolved.” This description fits hand-in-hand with their eclectic discography. This album is said to be reminiscent of their debut EP, Superclean Vol. I. With this in mind, their indie rock roots are bound to be laced throughout the album. 

“Run Your Mouth” may only be a taste of the full album, but it’s a strong welcome into the newest era of the band. Submarine is out May 31st! 

Listen to “Run Your Mouth” below! 

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