The Staves “All Now” – Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week


Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week is “All Now” by The Staves!

“All Now” is the second single and title track off the duo’s upcoming album, set to release on March 22. 

The highly anticipated LP All Now is The Staves’ first LP release since sister Emily Staveley-Taylor announced her break from the band. The English duo, comprised of Jessica and Camilla Staveley-Taylor, have returned to the indie-folk scene with powerful energy and a surge of artistic inspiration. 

All Now, produced by John Congleton, is a solid progression of The Staves’ artistry, featuring intimate lyricism, tight vocal arrangements, and dynamic ebbs and flows. 

“All Now” is a bold twist on The Staves’ signature folk sound. Backed by resonant synths and a driving beat, The Staves sing “It’s all now, isn’t it exciting? / We can stick it to the man and come out fighting.”

The track challenges modernity and how society expects us to perform, showing that the sisters’ ability of capturing the human experience is as sharp as ever. Jessica and Camilla Staveley-Taylor’s triumphant vocals catapult the track’s impact.

The striking lines “Show the scars on your stomach, show the hurt on your sleeve / Rub their faces in the dirt, give them something to believe,” make the second verse a highlight.

The combination of these reflections with The Staves’ fresh sound makes “All Now” an essential release. 

Listen to “All Now” below!

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