Things Could Get Much Worse – Jeremy Ivey: DJ Pick of the Week

Jeremy Ivey press photo by Ramon Felix
Jeremy Ivey press photo by Ramon Felix

Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week!
This week’s DJ pick comes from Nashville favorite Jeremy Ivey. Ivey has lived quite a nomadic lifestyle that inspires so much of his music. From journeying across the U.S, living in a tent in Colorado, and even a brief homeless stent in Boston, he’s seen and written about it all. So often he uses his real-life experiences to create music that makes you feel an intense array of emotions. His new album, Waiting Out The Storm is Ivey’s follow-up to last year’s The Dream and the Dreamer

For so many Nashville residents, the year 2020 has been quite a rough one. Despite the never-ending bad news of the year, Ivey channeled the energy of this year into his new music. Much of Waiting Out The Storm, was written on the road with the help of wife and country legend, Margo Price. Price not only helped write and produce the album; her signature vocals are also featured on this new release. 

Inspired by hardships, this album takes the listener on a journey through political anthems and poignant lyrics. Today’s pick, “Things Could Get Much Worse”, touches on the hot-button issue of opening the redneck riviera, lower broadway. Many residents are urging the tourist trap to stay closed during the pandemic, but others are calling for Mayor Cooper to reopen. 

The fight for Broadway hits a little closer to home for Ivey, who battled with COVID for eight weeks. This single is a hilarious take on such a “Nashville” issue and a great reminder that things could always be worse. Really when you think about it, having Broadway shut down is pretty low on the totem pole of the horror that is 2020. 

Ivey said this about the inspiration behind this release, “I don’t write a whole lot of positive songs, but I try to have one per record at least. So this my positive message for the world. These are the good old days no matter how bad they seem. Just remember, life could be a lot harder than it already is”. 

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Written by: Madison Sharp