Tune-Yards – hold yourself.: DJ Pick of the Week


After a brief detour into film scoring, art-pop duo Tune-Yards is back with “hold yourself.” The track, a hopeful meditation on parental loss, is the second single off their upcoming album sketchy. It’s classic Tune-Yards, synthy and weird, but also understated in a surprising way for the duo. With all that said, “hold yourself.” is Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week!

sketchy. marks Tune-Yards’ return to the project after their acclaimed work scoring Boots Riley’s Sorry To Bother You. And if “hold yourself.” is any indication, this might be their most exciting era yet. Tune-Yards as a project is synonymous with offbeat experimentation—listen to “ABC 123” if you’re wondering what I mean. This isn’t to say “hold yourself.” marks a sudden transition to broad Top 40 pop, though. The track remains deeply weird, as is evident by even just taking a glance at the video’s thumbnail below. It’s a nearly-five-minute odyssey, tracing the lineage of parental responsibility through a family tree atop music one could only describe as blue-eyed soul. A lot of the lyrics are really, deeply sad, but you’d never know it from a casual listen. Check it out for yourself below, along with its balls-to-the-wall psychedelic video.

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