Wallflowers “The Dive Bar in My Heart”- DJ Pick of the Week


The Wallflowers are killing it again with their single “The Dive Bar in My Heart” on their latest album Exit Wounds. Exit Wounds is the first album under the Wallflowers’ name since 2012, the brainchild of Grammy-winner Jakob Dylan. The Wallflowers began as an American rock solo project, and while it has gone through a number of member changes, the concept remains centered around Dylan.

“The Dive Bar in My Heart” lives up to its unique title through the accompanying lyrics. The song weaves a story about finding a space where everyone goes to be alone and deal with their problems or escape them. The poetry becomes clear when you realize, through the clarity brought with the morning, that as much as you might not want to go back to that dive bar, you’ll likely end up right back there at the first moment of human weakness.

“The Dive Bar in my Heart” is a contemplative piece with a full band filling the sound around Dylan’s voice. The song is certainly smoother than Dylan’s prior, higher energy rock-oriented songs. However, there remains a characteristically vintage and experienced effect creating the final product.

In an interview with Stereogum, Dylan elaborates on the inspiration behind the unique song title. “You can’t escape your thoughts. They’re always going to be with you eventually, and you’re going to have to deal with them, but there’s moments of your day when you want to be left alone with them and not have the pressure to sort them out. Take a break from the rigmarole. That’s how that title came to my mind.”

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