Waxahatchee “Bored” – Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week 

Waxahatchee "Bored" - Jayson's DJ Pick of the Week

Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Bored” by Waxahatchee! 

Waxahatchee is the passion project of Katie Crutchfield. “Bored” reigns as the middle track from her newest, and most vulnerable album, Tigers Blood. Starting a career over a decade ago, Waxahatchee has been able to evolve her genre and solidify her lyrics effortlessly. 

Growing up in Alabama, near Waxahatchee Creek, Crutchfield named her musical project and hit the road. Six albums later, she’s been able to create music that is lo-fi folk and alt-tinged country. Throughout it all, her Southern accent and poetic lyrics have stayed the same. 

Tigers Blood is a vulnerable album unlike any previous releases. The Kansas City resident has been sober for years- a pivotal part of this twelve track LP. The entire work is a look into her wins and losses throughout life; it’s something anyone can listen to and find themselves in. 

“Bored,” specifically, features poignant lyrics about the past. “Armed with a memory // surely will stay with me // fragments of misery feeding off my body // I keep my eyes shut // sage advice to rebut.” The song follows her openness about getting bored over someone wronging her. It’s the kind of track made to be blasted post a bad breakup or a rebellious action to quit your job, as per the advice of Waxahatchee. 

Listen to “Bored” below! 

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