Widespread Panic “Little by Little” – Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week

Widespread Panic
Widespread Panic "Little by Little" - Rev's DJ Pick of the Week

“Little by Little” is the newest release from the legends that are Widespread Panic. They’ve been together for thirty years- they know exactly how to craft a southern rock song. “Little by Little” is absolutely no exception. The track is six minutes long, and yet, feels significantly shorter. It’s a true testament to their songwriting ability to make a track feel so easily digestible when coming in with a long runtime. 

The song is bluesy and heavy in all the right places. From the deep bass to the guitar solo of Jimming Herring, the instrumentals on this track absolutely soar. It’s the usual grit and southern rock sound they’re known for, while still being something new and unique. With this in mind, it’s important to note they played this song live multiple times before its official release. They’re never ones to rush the process of a new release. Playing it live not only gets fans excited, but allows them to see what resonates live. 

“Little by Little” marks their first release of 2024 and their newest work since the 2022 album Miss Kitty’s Lounge. This is a stellar comeback track. It features the musicality that fans both old and new will love. It’s something that will absolutely become on the heavy rotation of all southern rock fans because of its intricacy and attention to detail. 

Listen to “Little by Little” by Widespread Panic below! 

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