Wilderado – Head Right: DJ Pick of the Week


After years of singles, Tulsa indie-rock trio Wilderado is gearing up for their debut album with “Head Right.” The track, off the album of the same name, is the sort of guitar-driven anthem the group gained prominence from. And with an über-catchy chorus, this song seems destined for success. “Head Right” is Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week!

“Somewhere in the spring of ’19 we were all in Nashville…talking about how sometimes the best way to ruin a song, life, or anything really, is to take it too seriously,” says Wilderado’s Max Rainer. “That afternoon we wrote ‘Head Right.'” That attitude shines through in the song’s lyrics, which encourage resilience through tough times.

Gotta get my head right

Gotta beat the sunrise

I, I, gotta shake this feeling

Wilderado on the chorus of “Head Right.”

With hype around the band seeming to never stop growing after performances with the likes of Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie and several huge festival sets, the news of a debut album comes just at the right time. Check out the track for yourself below!

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