Wherever You’re Going – Will Lynde: DJ Pick of the Week!

Will Lynde P
Will Lynde Press Photo Via Facebook

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week!

Today’s DJ pick comes from a local transplant from Houston, Will Lynde. Lynde has been performing since his childhood but is brand new to the music scene. He can play a variety of instruments, but the piano is his “bread and butter.”

His newest release, “Wherever You’re Going,” is a sweet single dedicated to his long-term girlfriend. Of course, this song includes his beautiful piano skills, but his vocals are the star of this track. His voice has a roughness to it that pairs perfectly with the upbeat instrumentation of this single. This catchy tune sounds right out of the latest blockbuster rom-com when the two protagonists run into each other for the first time. You really can’t help but smile when you hear “Wherever You’re Going.”


Be sure to keep up with Will Lynde. He is new to the Nashville music scene and he will be one to look out for. Listen to his latest track below and keep up with him on socials for updates on new music!

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Written by: Madison Sharp