Willie Pearl — “Fixed It For Ya”: DJ Pick of the Week

Willie Pearl
Willie Pearl

Willie Pearl’s new single “Fixed It For Ya” is Casey’s DJ pick of the week! “Fixed It For Ya” is the band’s first release of 2021. The group describes their sound as a blend of southern rock and and Americana, with influences such as Tom Petty and Alabama Shakes. Willie Pearl consists of Ben Murphy as a vocalist and lead guitarist, Matt Lale as a vocalist and keyboardist, Chason McKay on drums, Henry Rogers as a vocalist, rhythm guitarist and keyboardist, and Lawrence Rogers on bass.

Musically, “Fixed It For Ya” features dramatic tempo shifts, soulful vocals, and retro-inspired organ, piano, guitar, and horns. The song slows down significantly when it reaches the chorus, with the lead vocal blossoming as the melody descends. The switch to the slower tempo is beautifully executed, and the song flows between its different sections with ease.

“Fixed It For Ya” came out on September 24th and marks Willie Pearl’s return to releasing material. The band’s last single, “Paint Me In,” was released back in April of 2020. We’re so glad to hear that Willie Pearl is back with new music and can’t wait to see what the band has in store. Keep up with Willie Pearl via their website here, and check out “Fixed It For Ya” on YouTube below:

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