Yoke Lore “Hallucinate” – Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week

Yoke Lore Hallucinate

This week Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Hallucinate” by Yoke Lore. Yoke Lore, also known as Adrian Galvin, grew up in New York surrounded by a highly creative family that influenced him to be the indie folk artist he is today. Lore rose to fame from his hit song “Beige” and has had the opportunity to work with many other indie artists like Mt. Joy and Goth Babe. Yoke recently released a new album called Towards A Never Ending New Beginning  with another impressive track called  “Hallucinate”. 

With the song “Hallucinate” Yoke Lore connects with fans by sharing his feelings about the struggle of not knowing what is real or not in his romatic relationships. One of the lyrics says “why does love make me hallucinate, why does love always teach my heart to break”. In this lyric he is describing the confusing nature of being in love. Within the song, Yoke also adds a carefree feeling by making the song upbeat and lively with the fast tempo. “Hallucinate” is a great track to listen to that falls within the pop and indie genre. This relatable song is perfect to sing along to with your friends and will make you want to have this track constantly on repeat this week.

Listen to “Hallucinate” from Yoke Lore below:

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