You Are the Traffic – COIN: DJ Pick of the Week

COIN- You Are the Traffic

Stephanies’s DJ Pick of the Week — “You Are the Traffic” by COIN

COIN is back with new music! Earlier this month, the band released their first piece of new music since the release of their album, Dreamland, in February. Their newest single, “You Are the Traffic”, is Stephanie’s pick this week.

The band’s frontman, Chase Lawrence, takes the reins in “You Are the Traffic”. His dreamy vocals and introspective lyrics mesh perfectly with the instrumentals. The song has a late 90s and early 2000s sound. COIN ran with that time period when they filmed and released the video to accompany the single, the visuals are very grunge-esque According to Lawrence, he took a break from social media over the last few months and started writing a lot of songs.

“You Are the Traffic” is the first release of the new wave of COIN music. “The kids are running faster now / but they’re not moving / and how come / everyone’s in the way / except you?” sings Lawrence, the lyrics are honest and tell the tale of not being able to get away from the person who’s always on your mind. 

The lyrics also tackle the idea that we are what happens around us. On that Lawrence says, “Our lives are not predictable films with stars, co-stars, heroes, and villains. We have to stop seeing ourselves as characters passing through each other’s stories or obstacles in each other’s way. We are pixels in the same picture. You & I are the problem, the answer, traffic, disaster, the sunrise & the sunset. If it happens to one of us, it happens to all of us. There’s no me without you!”

The release of “You Are the Traffic” also came with the announcement of COIN’s  upcoming EP, Indigo-Violet which is set for release in October.

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