Best Monday Ever with Slack


The Lightning 100 team literally had the BEST MONDAY EVER just last month when we spent the morning at Proper Bagel with Slack. Many of our listeners may know Slack as the popular digital workplace platform, however, on this particular Monday Slack got us all out of the office to enjoy bagels and the company of our listeners and fellow Nashville-ites.

Even before arriving at Proper Bagel, one could see the massive beautiful balloon structure wrapping the outside of the shop adding a nice pop of color to Belmont Boulevard on this sunny morning. Music began to fill the air as we walked up the sidewalk to find a band of smiling, happy people playing one upbeat jazzy tune after another to ward off any Monday blues. At Proper Bagel, we were greeted by the Slack-ers who were helping attendees interact with a variety of cool “slack-tivities”. We kicked things off at the flower cart where fresh cut flowers were beautifully bundled into bright bouquets for guests. We then popped over into the headshot truck to get a few new fresh LinkedIn-worthy pics before making our way inside to get overloaded with fresh baked cookies and the most proper of bagels. The Lightning 100 team had a blast and couldn’t have been happier to spend our Monday morning with the Slack-ontuers and our fellow Nashvillians.

Click here to listen to the full interview with Slack

All of this “slack-tion” packed fun got us wondering “what is Slack really up to in Nashville?” so we reached out and were able to set up an interview with Slack’s customer trends expert, Christina Meng. As it turns out, Slack just recently surveyed locals to learn more about why one would choose to live and work in our wonderful city. The Slack survey showed that 63% of respondents said that they choose to live in Nashville because of the abundance of creativity and innovation the city offers which is a 19% higher rate than the national response regarding other cities. Hats off to you music city!

We recorded our entire interview with Christina from Slack so you can listen and learn more about this recent study on the creative Nashville lifestyle. Listen below and let us know what you think, do you agree with the results? Are you looking for more ways to improve your day-to-day workflow and communication? Check out Slack and let us know how it’s working for you.


Written by Corey Davis

Brian "the web guy" is a Nashville native that grew up on radio and Grimey's New and Preloved Music. Seasoned communications professional that has immersed himself in the Nashville community while connecting local musicians, businesses, non-profits, unicorns, and transplants. Starting in 2008, Brian has worked with programming, marketing, sales, and promotion. Roles have included but not limited to copywriting, digital sales, content creation, sponsorship, video production, graphic design, booking, event creation, social media posting, and targeted ad purchasing.