David Hall (1954 – 2012)


On February 4th, 2012, we were devastated to learn that our co-worker, Program Director, longtime family member and faithful friend, David Hall, had passed away.

David’s steadfast professionalism and charm were hallmarks of his time at the helm of Lightning 100. He  was THE face and THE voice of Nashville rock radio and Lightning 100, spanning decades at the microphone. He was a fierce advocate of many Nashville artists you hear on Lightning 100, a role which he relished as “David Hall Rocks Y’all,”  every weekday afternoon. He brought them to Nashville radio and the rest of the world via live broadcast and the internet every Sunday with Nashville Sunday Night. In local music, David championed everyone from Jason & the Scorchers in the 80’s, The Evinrudes and Leigh Nash in the 1990s, to Gabe Dixon and Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, in 2012.

Prior to his work at Lightning 100, Nashville radio listeners knew David, a Kentucky native, from his years at WKDF-FM, which was one of the south’s legendary rock stations during his employment there, from 1980 -1988.  David also broadcast as part of the 1988 -1993 line-up at Classic Rock WGFX “The Fox,” before coming to Lightning 100.In the coming days we will mourn the loss of our loyal friend and celebrate his life and contributions to the Nashville music scene.

Brian "the web guy" is a Nashville native that grew up on radio and Grimey's New and Preloved Music. Seasoned communications professional that has immersed himself in the Nashville community while connecting local musicians, businesses, non-profits, unicorns, and transplants. Starting in 2008, Brian has worked with programming, marketing, sales, and promotion. Roles have included but not limited to copywriting, digital sales, content creation, sponsorship, video production, graphic design, booking, event creation, social media posting, and targeted ad purchasing.


  1. Wow, what a huge loss to the Nashville music community. Many condolences to David’s family, friends and coworkers. His voice and commitment to local music will be greatly missed.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. David was a true professional and a really nice guy. That combination is hard to find these days. My prayers are with the Lightning 100 family.

  3. David was my first cousin and I loved him dearly. He was a very good man and an extremely devoted worker. His music and job was most of his life. I am heartbroken that he is gone and I will always remember our wonderful childhood days together. Love you, David.

  4. David was my first cousin and I loved him dearly. He was a very good man and an extremely devoted worker. His music and job was most of his life. I am heartbroken that he is gone and I will always remember our wonderful childhood days together. Love you, David.

  5. Absolutely broken by this. He was definitely a fierce advocate for independent music, and the welcome and familiar voice on the radio for so many years. His passing is so incredibly sad. David… you will be missed. -Dan Haseltine(Jars of Clay)

  6. Deeply saddened to hear this news. My thoughts are with his family and his many friends on and off the airwaves. Thanks, David Hall, for Rockin us all.

  7. So sorry to hear about David Hall’s passing. He brought us so much amazing music and made our lives better with his taste and enthusiasm.
    David Hall still rocks, yall.

  8. Oh, how we will miss “the Voice” as we always called him. Great friend and important mail voice for On-Hold Advertising messages for more than ten years. May God take good care of David – until we meet again! Bon Voyage David! You will never be forgotten!

  9. So sad. Listened to David many, many hours. The total pro. Smooth, calm, confident. Saw him at a few live broadcasts. The man seemed love what he was doing. R.I.P.

  10. So sorry to hear about David Hall. Listened many afternoons in traffic. My cousin Kerry D. Massey also died this weekend in Ohio. He was with the station 2000/2002 with a mid-day program. So sad when death is so premature.

  11. I was a year out of high school when David came to WKDF.I can remember how delighted I was when he joined WRLT. Those were the good ‘ole school days! I don’t think I will be able to survive the commute from Nashville to Spring Hill any more without hearing “David Hall rocks y’all!” He was a sweetheart of a guy, and really knew his stuff. He will be sorely missed!

  12. This is very sad news! A great kind sweet man who smooth voice filled the Nashville airwaves. Always with a smile and a kind thought and much music history. I worked with him at WKDF for a short time, but knew him as a friend after that. Rest in Peace David we’ll miss you! Karen (aka Jesse Lang)

  13. So sorry to here of this. His voice was the sound associated with really good music in Nashville. He will be missed.

  14. David was a true gentleman that combined grace with good taste. With his passing the world becomes a less interesting place, RIP.

  15. I remember David for a such a long time now..he brought me one of my first prize packages that I had won years ago to my job site. He was truly a great man and will be missed by so many. Love to your new journey “David Hall Rocks Y’all”

  16. David had some great “pipes” and above all was a great lover of music. My condolences to all of you at Lightning100, as well as his family. He will be missed.

  17. How sad, how sudden. A dark cloud will hang, but we must think of the brightest thoughts and memories that he gave us all. A big thanks to the introduction of wonderful music into our lives.

  18. From the early days at KDF to now ~ I have heard the voice of David Hall. He will be missed. “David Hall Rocks Y’all” !!

  19. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Lightning 100 family and the Nashville community. As a former broadcasting major…David Hall was the standard at which I used as a goal to reach. He will be truly missed.

  20. May you rest in peace, my dear friend. You ARE and FOREVER will be a legend in Nashville Radio. You will be missed!

  21. GOSH I will miss hearing him say, “David Hall rocks y’all.” It was a staple of my afternoons. RIP David; you are gone too soon.

  22. The news of David Hall’s passing has left me deeply saddened. I’ve loved/tuned in to David Hall “Rocks Ya’ll” since I was 14 yrs old when he started at WKDF. He turned me on to MANY local bands/musicians that I wouldn’t have know about otherwise. He’s a Nashville tradition whom will be greatly missed.

  23. Born and raised in Nashville, music is everywhere. Grew up listening to his voice on the various stations and my children are growing up listening to him on Lightning 100, both saying “David Hall Rocks Y’all” before saying much else. Many friendships started repeating those very words… His talent for bringing new music into your world and letting you judge for yourself is a rarity in music radio and one that I will greatly miss. Thank you David for, well, all of it. You will be missed.

  24. The untimely passing of David Hall is a loss for all of us that knew him and is a huge loss to the Nashville music community.
    His decades long career was a shining example of integrity, dedication and creative talent.
    His ceaseless committment to his love of music and the medium that brought it to so many, stands as a testament to a life that was fully lived.

    His gifts were fully acknowledged by artists and those us us in the industry that had the pleasure of dealing with him over the years.
    He was always kind, gentle and supportive when dealing with us.
    His interviews with artists were insightful and passionate. His vision for
    the programming of the stations he served was clear and purposful.

    The last time I saw him, he handed me a 45 that he had found amongst his collection at home. It was a single that I had co-written 30 years ago and I will treasure it. It speaks volumes to me about my friend David Hall.
    He was a genuine human who cared deeply for others and a true friend.
    He was loved by many and will be missed by all.

  25. I have been listening to David since I was a teenager in the early 80’s when he was on KDF. He had such an incredible voice and will be greatly missed by the Nashville community.

  26. I started listening to David during the KDF days along with Mobie On The Radio & Carl Panthose Mayfield & have been a devoted listener of his at Lighting 100, He will surly be missed in a large way…….

  27. I was so sorry to hear the new this morning. We moved away from Nashville and when we decided to move back, one of things I really looked forward to was listening to Lightning 100 and hearing “David Hall Rocks Ya’ll”. Sending good thoughts to his family.

  28. This is a huge loss for Nashville radio. I’ve listened to David since he came on the air at WKDF, followed him to Classic Rock WGFX and now during his years on Lightning 100. His voice and influence on the rock scene in this city will be much missed. David truly rocked us all.

  29. Will miss hearing you, David, RIP. Lightning 100 is my favorite station. Condolences to all his family and friends….

  30. I started listening to David Hall when he was on KDF and I was happy he went to WRLT when the other station went county. That’s when WRLT became my station and David Hall was always so great. I will miss hearing him. I won a CD doing the survey and he mailed it to me with a short note saying thanks for listening and I saved it and stuck it in the CD. Really glad I did. I am so sorry for the loss to his family and friends and to the entire community. He will not be forgotten.

  31. So shocked to hear. I’ve listened to David ever since KDF….even helped him pick out some jeans once back in my days at County Seat. RIP and prayers to your family.

  32. So sorry to hear about the loss of Dave Hall. Prayers to his family, friends as he will be missed in Nashville radio and the world.

  33. I grew up with David in Murray, Ky. When we were kids David brought the music for everybodys party. I have listened to him since his days working the local stations when he was in college at Murray State. He had a made for radio voice and loved the music. He was a great person and a good friend. He will be missed.

  34. Oh Vicky! I am sorry to hear of the loss of my other friend, Kerry. Another gentle soul. I never think of Indians baseball or Opening day with out thinking of him. He had a great smile.

  35. i am so saddened to hear this news. been a fan of david hall since the KDF days. he will be greatly missed. prayers go out to his family, friends, co-workers and fans.

  36. David Hall will be greatly missed. To Lightning 100 and David’s family, I’m so sorry for your loss. Keeping you all in my thoughts during this truly difficult time.

  37. So few cities are as fortunate as Nashville to have a radio station like Lightning 100, where the music is locally programmed by people who care about music, and David Hall was synonymous with Lightning 100. From hosting his radio show to hosting Sunday evenings at 3rd & Lindsley, you could tell David’s life passion was quality music and there was no bigger advocate for local Nashville musicians than David Hall. He is irreplaceable and will be dearly missed.

  38. David Hall will be missed by us all. Even our little kids know who he was, cause he “Rocks ya’ll!” Because of David, we listen online, when we leave town, go to work, knowing we will hear the greatest, newest, local, independent music. Never forget what he has done for Nashville and music everywhere!

  39. So sad to hear of David’s passing. To me he was Lightning 100. Remember his good works and good ways and continue Lightning 100 in the tradition that he established and he will shine his blessings down on you. Prayers to his friends and family.

  40. My condolences. David Hall is truly an icon in Nashville’s rock scene. His contributions and loyalty are second to none. I only imagine the artists I would never have been exposed to were it not for his efforts.

    Rock on, David Hall.

  41. David was the first DJ to play a record I was a part of – someone who loved the “no name” – The indie-champion. You will be greatly missed.

  42. So sad. I listen at work here in Florida almost every day…This has remained my hometown Nashville connection. Thanks for all the great music, David Hall.

  43. Nashville has lost a legend and a friend. Although most of my music listening today is through an iPod, Pandora, or Sirius Satellite Radio, I remember 30 years of David Hall, especially his love for the Beatles. He will be missed. My thoughts are with his family.

  44. Very sad to see this news. I loved listening to him while living in Nashville and online since leaving the great city. Thanks for introducing me to some awesome music, and here’s hoping WRLT can carry on the awesomeness David Hall brought. David Hall Rocks Y’all.

  45. Nashville radio lost a great one. David Hall was everything I loved about rock radio. Steady, powerful, yet warm voice…and a great jock. RIP

  46. Damn, what awful news. David’s passion for music touched many, many, people – and that passion will live on, and continue to be felt. It’s hard, if not impossible, to picture Nashville radio without him. RIP.

  47. So sorry to hear about Kerry. I remember him well and spent alot of time discussing music and songwriting with him. I know he will be missed as well.
    Gary Kraen, Lightning 100

  48. David Hall is truly a music king here in Nashville and the outlying areas. He introduced so many wonderful bands and songs. May he rest in peace and his family know that Middle Tennessee is better for all he has shared.

  49. I’ve know David from his first days at KDF and what a wonderful man he is. Always the gentleman and true professional. He will leave a void in the hearts of many and the airways of this city. RIP my brother.

  50. It’s strange to know that I’ll miss someone that I never met or even knew what he looked like. Yet, David and his voice were part of my daily routine for as long as I can remember. I’ll miss hearing you David. RIP.

  51. From all of us at the WSM-AM radio family to all at Lightning 100 our deepest sympathy to you and David’s family. Thanks for being the true champions of local radio.

  52. David Hall will be missed by many here in Nashville. I remember him from the KDF days then to Fox 104.5 then to WRLT 100. We all loved to listen to him in High school and beyond. He will be greatly missed on our airwaves and in our lives. God Bless and watch over David’s family and friends during this time.

  53. Music on the radio is such an important part of life. Where would we be without it? Like so many in Nashville, while I never met David Hall in person, I knew him well through his wonderful voice on WRLT radio and consider him a special friend. He was there for me every afternoon on the drive home and on Sunday nights to wind down the weekend. He brought so much of that special joy of independent radio to my life. His knowledge and dedication to his craft was inspiring. Words cannot fully express my deep appreciation toward him for how much he enriched all of our lives. It is so very sad that he will no longer be there filling those moments for us. Thank you for the many wonderful years, David Hall. As a longtime dedicated listener, I will always remember you, and truly miss you, as a very special friend.

  54. David Hall Rocks Y’all! He brings back many positive memories from my many years at MTSU. The phrase-David Hall Rocks Y’all, takes on a whole new meaning. RIP David Hall.

  55. I have known David for 35 years. He was a kind and caring soul. He spent much time with me and my family. I shall treasure my memories of our good times together.

    Good Bye dear heart. God Bless You David.

  56. Lightning 100 is such a treasure – an independent station that brings a great variety of music to Nashville. David was an equally independent dj and a champion for local music & musicians. My thoughts are with David’s family, both inside and outside the station, and may you all support each other during this difficult time. Thank you David!

  57. David was a sweet soul, a pleasure to work with and I am honored to have known him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and many, many friends during this bewildering and difficult time.

  58. I am just so sad today as I know everyone at WRLT is. I know David was the voice and feeling behind the idea of the fabulous independent radio station we are so lucky to have here in Nashville, and I hope his dream and legacy continues, as I’m sure it will. His loss will leave a huge void, but he touched a lot of folks and kept the spirit of independent music alive and well in an industry that does not honor true independent artists. My heart goes out to all of you who were fortunate to have worked closely with him, as I know you’ve lost a good friend.

  59. new to Nashville, I happily found lightning 100 on the dial. A great radio station much in part because of David. I never met David but feel a great sadness none the less that his voice has been silenced. A great loss for his family and the larger Nashville community. My deepest sympathys.

  60. Although I never met David, I feel like a good friend has passed just in listening to him on the radio all these years in Nashville. My condolences to all those who did know him….. his family and friends.

    RIP my “vocal” friend.

  61. We know this is the toughest time of your day today. Stay strong Lightning 100 family. Our hearts ache with yours.

  62. I’m so sorry for David’s family. That includes his extended family at lighting. David’s passing is a huge loss for us, his loyal listners. He will not be forgotten.

    Thank you David. You rocked us.


  63. I can barely remember a time when David Hall was not a part of Nashville radio. We have lost the best DJ this city will ever know. My thoughts & prayers are with David’s family & the staff at Lightening 100. Rock on, David – you will be greatly missed.

  64. David Hall Rocks Ya’ll…1 of the reasons I wanted to work at KDF! It was great seeing him at 3rd & Linsley…if he ever lost his passion for music…I didn’t see it. Rest in Peace my brother.

  65. Hearing David say,”David Hall Rocks Ya’ll!” is one of the reasons I wanted to work at KDF! Just sounded like an awesome place…and it was, and so was David. Even in more recent years I spoke with him at 3rd & Linsley…if he ever lost his passion for music, I didn’t know about it. Rest in Peace brother.

  66. Just couldn’t let this day pass without saying thank you David Hall for rockin’ us all for all these years. You were one cool Nashville Cat!!!
    Thanks again for sharing all that awesome music with us all, David Hall, you did rock us all! Thank You, radio friend.

  67. Just have to say Thank You, David Hall, for rockin’ us all so sweetly for all these years. Your radio personality has always been a true friend and inspiration for so many. You’re one cool Nashville Cat!!!!!

    Thank you for culturizing us with some awesome music. You surely did rock us all! Thank you for the tunes, friend…

  68. We will truly miss you. David Hall you “rocked us all”. Our prayers are with you, your family, and Lightening 100.

  69. I have been listening to rock in Nashville for many years, and David Hall has always been the true champion of great rock and roll in this city. His steady, knowledgeable voice will be missed. Nashville has lost a radio icon. Condolences to David’s family and friends. R.I.P David Hall.

  70. I remember working with him when I was an intern at Lightning 100. You were remembered and will be missed. My condolences to the family. Peace be with you at this troubing time.

  71. I would like to express my sincere, deepest sympathy to David’s co-workers, his friends and his family. David has been my favorite voice on the radio since his KDF days. His death is truly a loss to all Nashville music lovers.

  72. When I moved to Nashville he was on the air at KDF, and when I left Nashville in 2009 he was on the air at Lightning 100….I don’t know Nashville without him, a part of my life for 20+ years…a true voice.

  73. I heard Wells filling in for David announcing his passing, and trying to hold it together while announcing his tribute and playing “Blackbird” by The Beatles. I feel the same way, brother, and I only knew David from his show, and the occasional concerts. We moved here a decade ago, and instantly fell I love with WRLT, and the spirit of independent music that it brings to those of us lucky enough to live close by.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to David’s family

  74. I was so sad to hear about the passing of this awesome man. My thoughts are with everyone at my favorite radio station, and most definitely with the family of David Hall. May you rest in peace and meet even more amazing musicians in the next world.

  75. I am saddened by the news of the passing of David Hall. I met David once or twice but feel as if I have known him since 1994 when I moved to Nashville and fell in love with this radio station. I will miss “David Hall rocks yall”. My heart goes out to his family and the Ligtning 100 family.

  76. I just still feel so stunned. Although I’ve listened to David Hall and WRLT since day one, I never met him. It’s the same kind of loss I felt when WSMV’s Dan Miller died suddenly. Another long-time, comforting voice has been silenced.

  77. This past Sunday Night, I told my wife, Leslie, who owns Magic 1560, WMRO, along with me and my mother, Sandra, that I saw the breaking news about David on News Channel 5. I’ve have been in the radio business for 31 years now. I remember listening to David Hall on the old WABD-FM (now WCVQ, Q-108) in the Clarksville Market. I listen to him on 103 KDF, while I was working at WVOL/92Q in Nashville, before me and my late Dad, William “Bill” Bailey and I purchased WMRO-AM 1560.

    I will say that David smooth voice, his talents, and his knowledge of knowing how to do “True AOR” Radio, moved me, and were an influence on me as I was coming up in the ranks of this business.

    This past July, Lightning 100 and Magic 1560 lost Melissa Alexander-Manning, who was Promotions Director at Lighting 100 and Sales Manager of Magic 1560, WMRO in Gallatin from 2004-2006. I am sadden that now Lightning 100 has lost two good people. We may have not seen “eye to eye” on how we wanted to program our stations, but this is not a perfect world, God made it this way, and these things happen for a reason that we humans cannot explain. Only our creator knows!

    Today, Monday, I have been sort of depressed over the loss of David Hall and Melissa Alexander-Manning. I never got to met David, but we both knew who each other was, and all I can say is that he was a talented, professional man,that this industry is losing because of big Corporate Radio Giants, like Clear Channel.

    In conclusion, I could go on and on, but to David, may God be with You as you walk in to the Gates of Heaven, and be with the others we have lost in this business. David is now in a better place, but he will be missed by all of us in the radio industry and his listeners over the years.

    Scott Bailey
    President/General Manager
    WMRO Radio, Magic 1560
    Gallatin, TN

  78. Music city should lower all the spot lights this week. David Hall was Lightening 100 to me, to so many of us. He was host to a musical treat every Sunday Nights at 3rd and Lindsley. I don’t know how to think about the station or the music scene without him. My deepest sympathies to his family, friends and co-workers, and the musicians and music community who knew and loved him. In addition to all that love, there are not many men who have also brought so much joy to so many people they will never even meet. Thanks David.

  79. one of our highlights was David introducing us on Sunday night at 3rd and Lindsley. I had listened to him do that show so many times before and always imagined him introducing us- He will be very missed in Nashville

  80. I have been listening to David since 1980. I loved him on kdf and talked to him many times when I won albums on his Top 5 at 5 on weekdays. When I heard he was on WRLT I started listening immediately.

    Sure going to miss you David.

    My thoughts and prayers are with David’s family and friends.

  81. R.I.P my old friend. I have lots of memories from working concerts back in the day and of our pre and post concert escapades. David was usually there representing the radio station. More than once did we hit the town with the bands after their show…always good fun with ya buddy. We have lost a true icon of the Nashville music scene…and a great human being.

  82. Some day I’ll be leavin’/ but I just can’t help believin’ that it’s not today
    Wish you were still earthbound, David

  83. David was always a big champion for my band Lowen & Navarro, throughout the 90’s and 00’s, whether we were on a major label, independent label or our own label. He played our records, sponsored our shows and hug out with us whenever we came to town. He was a smart programmer, a serious music head and a great guy. I’ll miss his enormously. RIP buddy.

  84. A great loss to the community, fondly remember his early days with KDF. His voice was so soothing, he will be missed. RIP my friend…

  85. I miss you David Hall it is very hard to put in words.
    You inspire me to move forward interviewing bands and making dreams come true through radio.

  86. you will be sorely missed in this city! I’ve enjoyed your voice since KDF days and thank you for MAKING 100 what it is.

  87. So sorry to hear that, will really miss him. He’s been keeping me company in the car for so many years, and I can’t believe he’s gone. Thoughts and prayers with his family and friends.

  88. David Hall was the coolest guy in nashville. When I first moved here and didn’t know many people I would listen to his show afterwork and knew I made the right decision. He felt like a real friend. I talked to him at 3 rd and Lindsley after nashville Sunday nights and I could tell he was sincere and genuinely cared. Music city will never sound the same.

  89. I will miss hearing David Hall every afternoon. As many I go back to the KDF days. Enjoyed listening to him each day.

  90. I am so saddened to hear of David’s passing. He was my running buddy at ‘KDF during those halcyon days of rock radio. A wonderful man and the consummate pro.

    Best David story: He had never been to Mary’s BBQ on Jefferson Street, so we set out for lunch prior to David’s 1PM airshift. I suggested we each get a rib sandwich. We hustle back to the station, I go to my office, David to the studio. He calls me and says, “Hey, man…careful with that sandwich. There are BONES in there.”

    Rock on, my dear friend.

  91. David was warm, receptive, and caring. I’ve searched my memory. I can’t remember a time he lost his cool. Or, anyone who could say harsh word one about him. I’m keeping all my FM100 family of friends in my thoughts, especially Trish, Fred, Nadine, Jason, Leslie, Keith, Mary and Lester. I’m also thinking about everyone there in the early days, especially Barbara, Rusty, Pat, John, James, Bob (&Annn Marie), Heather, Melissa, Kat, Adam and Ned. Love and Kisses

  92. I moved to Nashville 14 years ago. The adjustment from the big city to the small town was educational to say the least. Over the years Nashville has grown and one welcome constant has been Lighting 100. Upon leaving Chicago I was comforted by the similiarity between Lighting 100 and Chicago’s XRT. The formats are identical which lead me to believe they were sister stations. David Hall was the voice I welcomed, relied upon, and looked forward to hearing every afternoon. Nashville has lost a great rock-n-roller. Long live rock, long live Lighting 100.

  93. You are already so missed dear heart. I hope you sre seeing how many people are loving and missing you. I can see that smile right now. You would be beaming. You so deserve all this love and admiration. Happy Trails darling…

  94. David was my 2nd cousin…I’ve known him for years. I was in high school in the 80’s and loved telling my friends he was a DJ in Nashville. That was too cool!!! I miss you cuz…I hope you find the peace you were looking for. The world will be a lot different without you!!! Love you!

  95. David Hall Rocks Yall……, his voice will remain in my head and heart even though he is no longer here with us. My deepest sympathy to his family and loved ones. Bless you David Hall for the music, moments, and happiness you brought to others. Thank you for sharing, thank you for caring. Rest in peace. Will still look forward to my Lightning 100 Survey I always received…, keep it alive for David as this was important to him.

  96. You were a gem…I remember riding the bus to Memphis on a trip to see John Fogerty and Bonnie Raitt @ Mud Island…you were a gem of a person to get to hang out with and that is a rock moment I will truly treasure…glad I had the opportunity to hang out with you…those that were able to work with you were blessed, I am sure. Prayers to you and your family. Peace

  97. David was an incredibly, genuinely kind, wonderful person. It is hard to picture him in my mind without a smile. He is going to be missed. This makes me so sad!

  98. David was an incredibly, genuinely kind, wonderful person. It is hard to picture him in my mind without a smile. He is going to be missed. This makes me so sad!

  99. I grew up listening to David Hall on KDF and have remained a fan of his throughout his career in Nashville. I will really miss you David Hall. You were one of the best.

  100. David was a dear friend of mine, and I loved him deep in my heart. He will never be forgotten as long as I am alive. I do remember whenever he smiled the whole room would light up, that’s how real it was, how real he was. He was very caring, concerned, loving, tender, and always gracious, the perfect gentleman.
    I met him when he worked at KDF Radio in Nashville. (Long ago) We had so much fun together. He introduced me to the rock world, taking me to concerts and getting us backstage to meet the bands. It got where he got us backstage and I got us invited to the party where the bands were going. Too much fun, too many memories. David you will be so missed but know you will always remain in my heart today and always.

  101. Wow! I’m at a loss for words. I moved to Nashville in 1980 from England and David defined my youth. Even after I moved to D.C. he remained one of the great things about coming back to see my family. When I drove home, as soon as I was in range I’d turn on Radio Lightning and hope he was on. He was a champion of the very best Nashville has to offer and though I never met him, I feel like he’s one of my closest friends.
    My deepest condolences to his family.

  102. i would like to know what happened to david? he was pretty young and i remember him from his days at wkdf. wow ill miss him. godspeed dave!

  103. Lightening 100, Thank you for honoring David the way you are and keeping his voice on Lightening 100. It gives me confort to hear his voice.

  104. Dave Hall, been listening and sparing with you via email for years! Rock on, Dude. You will be remembered and missed by us all who first heard you on KDF….oh, those were the days!

  105. Such a long time has gone by since WKDF. David was there playing the theme music while I made my herstory. Thanks Dave for helping to create my moments and memories, Sherry

  106. I have been listening to David since KDF days. He didn’t need to say his name as his voice got your attention immediately. I will miss listening to such a treaure we had in Nashville and beyond. RIP

  107. I always enjoyed hearing David Hall on the radio. His kind, calm and comforting voice as well as his insightful music thoughts and interviews always made my day.

  108. I was so shocked and saddened to hear this today. Sending condolences to his family, his colleagues, and his listeners. He will be missed.

  109. I have lived in Nashville since 2000 and I have been a longtime listener . I LOVE David Hall , HE is what made Nashville Sunday NIghts and everything in between. Its still kinda strange to listen now in the afternoon/evenings and he not be on. ” David Hall Rocks Y’all !!”

  110. When I needed advice regarding leaving college radio for commercial radio, David took the time to reply and gave good advice with honesty. I always appreciated what he did.

  111. I was in college at Murray State with Dave back in the ’70’s and we were both Communication majors. I was impressed with Dave because as a Freshman because this kat had a gig at the local radio station, WNBS – He was that good! What a guy. Loved him on 100 and really miss my fellow broadcaster.

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