February: Concert Calendar Playlist


Feb 2nd and 7th: Ruston Kelly

Venue: The Basement East  

Ticket Link: SOLD OUT

Featured Song: “Cover My Tracks”  

Ruston Kelly’s sophomore album Dying Star is packed full with acoustic guitar-centered anthems and overfilling with folk lyricism.  The opening tune “Cover My Tracks” showcases Ruston’s ability to write songs with graceful melodies and honest lyrics. Ruston has two sold-out shows coming up this month so if you didn’t grab tickets in time be sure to listen to his new album and tune in to his in studio interview at 1:00pm on February, 7th. For a chance to win entry into a Ruston Kelly secret show (and others) text “L100Life” to (615)-933-3813 to join our Listener Loyalty Club.

Feb 7th and 8th: St. Paul & The Broken Bones

Venue: Ryman Auditorium

Ticket Link: https://calendar.lightning100.com/events/2019/2/7/st-paul-the-broken-bones

Featured Song: “GotItBad”   

Young Sick Camellia, St. Paul & The Broken Bone’s newest release comes fully equipped with a horns section and groovy bass lines that fight for a new definition of modern R&B. “GotItBad” starts off with the songs main riff playing with a low bandwidth that emulates what the song would sound like coming through a vintage radio, just before the tune bursts into a disco fever frenzy. Be sure to check out this song and listen to the rest of Young Sick Camellia. Get your tickets to see St. Paul and The Broken Bones at The Ryman from the link above.

Feb 7th: Lightning 100 Presents: DeVotchKa with Neyla Pekarek  

Venue: 3rd & Lindsley

Ticket Link: https://calendar.lightning100.com/events/2019/2/7/devotchka-w-neyla-pekarek

Featured Song: “Straight Shot”

Since their beginning in 2000 Colorado-based quartet DeVotchKa has taken a global approach to creating indie music. Since they have received a Grammy nomination for their soundtrack for the indie film Little Miss Sunshine and have released five studio albums with their most recent work This Night Falls Forever being their sixth. “Straight Shot” feels western in a worldly way utilizing Spanish sounding guitar fused with airy vocal harmonies complemented by exotic sounding riffs. Listen to DeVotchKa’s new album and get your tickets to see them play 3rd & Lindsley from the link above.

Feb 7th: Lightning 100 Presents: Philip Creamer, Gabe Dixon, The Watson Twins, and More

Venue: War Memorial Auditorium

Ticket Link: https://calendar.lightning100.com/events/2019/2/7/nashville-house-concerts

Featured Song: “Drugs No More”

“Drugs No More” is the ’70s vibe result of Phillip Creamer’s album project titled Creamer produced and mixed by Wilco’s Pat Sansone. The album was recorded live to tape, which gives it that warm analog tonal quality that has gotten lost in the digital age of music. Creamer’s three and a half octave vocal range is incredible and shines in “Drugs No More as well as the other tracks on his latest release. Be sure to listen to Creamer and get tickets to see Creamer alongside Gabe Dixon, The Watson Twins, and more as part of the Nashville House Concerts at The War Memorial Auditorium.

Feb 9th and 10th: Dawes

Venue: Ryman Auditorium

Ticket Link: https://calendar.lightning100.com/events/2019/2/9/dawes-the-passwords-tour

Featured Song: “Crack The Case”

Thematically Dawes’s sixth studio album, Passwords searches for the answers to political and romantic distress. Musically the track, “Crack The Case” has a full band feel, but still has an acoustic and vocally centered delivery. Flourishes of piano and wallowing synth are built around Taylor Goldsmith’s clean vocals that possess a warm tone that resonates with the vocals of Jackson Browne. Check out “Crack The Case” and don’t miss out on seeing Dawes perform at The Ryman.

Feb 10th: Nashville Sunday Night: G. Love and Special Sauce

Venue: 3rd & Lindsley

Ticket Link:https://calendar.lightning100.com/events/2019/2/10/g-love-special-sauce

Featured Song: “Peace, Love, and Happiness”

G. Love and Special Sauce is a crossroad where blues meets hip hop. Garrett Dutton or “G. Love’s” vocal performance can be compared to the alternative hip hop style of The Beastie Boys. “Peace, Love, and Happiness” a crowd favorite off there 2008 album Superhero Brother features a bluesy harmonica with a complementary organ and takes on the weight of the world’s troubles. The band will be going on a tour to celebrate 25 years, so catch them at 3rd & Lindley performing at Nashville Sunday Night.

Feb 11th: Interpol with Sunflower Bean

Venue: Marathon Music Works

Ticket Link:https://calendar.lightning100.com/events/2019/2/11/interpol

Featured Song: “The Rover”- Interpol

Featured Song: “Come For Me”- Sunflower Bean

After a four year break between albums, Interpol has come back with their newest project, Marauder, produced by Dave Fridmann, who is well known for his work with The Flaming Lips. Interpol’s sound fits into the mold of the post-punk revival, but still has some edges that stick out. Their single off Marauder, “The Rover” feels atmospheric and droning to the ear, and is spilling over with melodic overdriven guitar. Interpol’s tourmates Sunflower Bean also allude to new wave and post-punk sounds in their music. In their new glam rock single “Come For Me” vocalist Julia Cumming sounds somewhere in between the sass of Shania Twain and the grit of Courtney Love. Make it a point to listen to Interpol’s new album Marauder as well as Sunflower Bean’s new EP King Of The Dudes and catch them both at Marathon Music Works.

Feb 15th: Lightning 100 Presents: Jacob Banks and Jamie N Commons:

Venue: Exit/In

Ticket Link: https://calendar.lightning100.com/events/2019/2/15/jacob-banks-with-tbd

Featured Song: “Unknown (To You)”

Born in Nigeria, Jacob Banks moved to Birmingham, U.K. when he was thirteen. The throaty singer hopes to redefine Soul music with additions of synth and flourishes of African inspired groves. “Unknown (To You)” a pop hearted ballad shows off the multiple personalities in Bank’s voice. Listen to “Unknown (To You)” and get tickets to see Jacob Banks on his tour in spirit of his newest album Village at Exit/In.

Feb 17th: Nashville Sunday Night: Jonathan Wilson

Venue: 3rd & Lindsley

Ticket Link: https://calendar.lightning100.com/events/2019/2/17/jonathan-wilson

Featured Song: “Sunset Blvd”

A record producer, musician, and solo artist; Jonathan Wilson has co-produced Father John Misty’s first record, toured with Roger Waters as his guitarist, and released multiple solo projects. His newest solo release Rare Birds is a diverse landscape of sounds that don’t necessarily have a predicted forecast. There are elements of Folk and Psychedelic Rock that intensify Wilson’s emotional presence, which latches onto the album’s entirety. Especially in moments like “Sunset Blvd”- a song that starts out as a piano ballad, but later transcends into a dreamy Pink Floyd like sound. Be sure to listen to Rare Birds and get tickets to see Jonathan Wilson Perform at Nashville Sunday Night at 3rd & Lindsley.

Feb 18th: The Kooks with Barns Courtney and Future Feats

Venue: Cannery Ballroom

Ticket Link:https://www.ticketfly.com/event/1782271-kooks-nashville/

Featured Song: “Tesco Disco”

English indie rock band, The Kooks, released their debut album back in 2006 and are currently on their sixth album cycle with Let’s Go Sunshine. An album that distinguishably veers away from the band’s past projects. The track “Tesco Disco” begins with a shimmering psychedelic guitar that keeps afloat lead singer Luke Pritchard’s vocal through the reverb that it’s swimming in. Check out The Kook’s latest release Let’s Go Sunshine and be sure to get tickets to see them at Cannery Ballroom.

Feb 21st: I’m With Her

Venue: Ryman Auditorium

Ticket Link:https://calendar.lightning100.com/events/2019/2/21/i-m-with-her

Featured Song: “Call My Name”

Trio I’m With Her was formed by the three singer/songwriters; Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, and Aoife O’Donovan in 2014. Their harmonies are mesmerizing and glorious as is their lyric writing. The Trio’s brand new single “Call My Name” has a melody that moves in unexpected ways giving it a hypnotic and mysterious effect. Be sure to listen to I’m With Her’s new single and get your tickets to hear their beautiful harmonies resonate through the Ryman Auditorium.

Feb 24th and 25th: Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Mt. Joy

Venue: Ryman Auditorium

Ticket Link: https://calendar.lightning100.com/rainbowkittensurprise-night-2

Featured Song: “It’s Called: Freefall” – Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Featured Song: “Astrovan”- Mt. Joy

Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Mt. Joy on tour together is a match made in heaven. The two take different approaches musically, but thematically these two bands dive headfirst into some similar motifs. Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s “It’s Called: Freefall” is full of rapid vocals that seem to do all the talking until a dynamic shift in the bridge lets a guitar solo communicate the feeling of a “free fall”. This track explores letting go of things through a narrative of talking to the devil, a religious motif that Mt. Joy also explores in their songs such as “Astrovan”. “I don’t wanna see those tears again, you know Jesus drives an Astrovan” sings lead vocalist Matt Quinn who wrote the song about feeling stuck, but yearning for the opportunity to pursue a dream. Listen to these two featured songs and check out the rest of Mt. Joy’s debut album as well as Rainbow kitten Surprise’s new release How to: Friend, Love, Freefall. Get your tickets while you can.

Feb 24th: Nashville Sunday Night: Kasey Chambers With Carly Burruss

Venue: 3rd & Lindsley

Ticket Link:https://calendar.lightning100.com/events/2019/2/24/kasey-chambers-with-carly-burruss

Featured Song: “The Harvest & The Seed”

Australian singer/songwriter Kasey Chambers will be playing Nashville Sunday Night on her Campfire Tour in spirit of her newest album release Campfire a collaboration with band, The Fireside Dragons. The Track “The Harvest & The Seed” features famous singer/songwriter Emmylou Harris on the classic country waltz sounding tune singing the catchy hook “you’re the harvest and I’m the seed”. Be sure to get your tickets to see Kasey at 3rd & Lindsley.

Feb 27th: An Evening With Fleetwood Mac

Venue: Bridgestone Arena

Ticket Link: https://calendar.lightning100.com/events/2019/2/27/an-evening-with-fleetwood-mac

Featured Song: “Rhiannon”

With a group like Fleetwood Mac, it would be easy to list “the entire catalogue” as the featured song, however there’s something so captivating about “Rhiannon” as it was the first hit for the band after they reformed in 1974. Stevie Nicks says the song was inspired by a fantasy novel she found written about a good witch named, “Rhiannon”. There’s no doubt that the “witchiness” went on to inspire the magical way Nick’s dressed and performed in the coming years. Get your tickets to go see a legendary band take the stage at Bridgestone Arena.

Feb 27th: LP

Venue: Marathon Music Works  

Ticket Link:https://calendar.lightning100.com/events/2019/2/27/lp

Featured Song: “Dreamcatcher”

“Dreamcatcher”; the opening track to LP’s third studio album Heart To Mouth establishes the tone for the dark dreamy pop-rock that’s to follow. The track feels haunting yet hopeful and is reminiscent of the eeriness Fleetwood Mac captured in their songs, “Tusk” and “Gold Dust Woman”. LP’s vocals are a must hear live- they are fierce and technically astonishing. Be sure to get tickets to see her at Marathon Music Works and check out her full Nashville Sunday Night set from our 2017 archives.

Feb 27th: Pinegrove

Venue: The Basement East

Ticket Link: SOLD OUT

Featured Song: “Rings”

Punk rock style drums meet moody guitars and folk inspired lyrics in this track by New Jersey band Pinegrove. “You were sleeping with your rings on” sings frontman Evan Stephens Hall as the song dynamically shifts to a softer tone. “Rings” doesn’t follow the traditional verse, chorus structure, which gives it an off the cuff listening feel. Check out this song found on Pinegrove’s newest album release, Skylight.

Feb 27 and 28, March 1st and 2nd: Kacey Musgraves

Venue: Ryman Auditorium

Ticket Link: SOLD OUT

Featured Song: “Oh, What A World”

Kacey Musgraves’s newest album “Golden Hour” stays true to the singers witty and down to earth lyrical style, but sonically feels out of this world. The album’s sound has been described as, “Space Country” by the woman herself. “Oh What A World” opens with a daft punk like Vocoder that sets the scene for a banjo and an airy steel guitar to join the mix. Kacey has named her tour after this song and she will be playing four dates this month at the Ryman Auditorium. Be sure to catch Kacey out on her Oh What A World tour.

Written By: Raeleigh Tochtenhagen