Lightning(100) Strikes Into Space(X)


Written By: Chloe Hopper

Tom Hansen, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, applied for media credentials to cover a SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch and was granted an inside look at our amazing Space Program. This historic launch was the first time that The Falcon Heavy launched with reused boosters. Two of the first stage side boosters from the Falcon Heavy mission ARAB SAT 6A on April 11th were reused during the launch on June 24th. Tom explained in his on-air interview that the rocket boosters would separate and land roughly 8 minutes and 41 seconds after launch. The core engine will attempt to land 770 miles east of Cape Canaveral on the drone ship “of course I still love you” approximately 11 minutes and 21 seconds after launch.

Tom worked in the USAF Space Program for 11 years prior to joining Lightning 100 as their Director of Technology. He said it was a privilege to revisit the old stomping ground representing Lighting 100 and it was an emotional, full-circle moment for him. Due to new technological advances and the size of Space X’s Falcon Heavy, Tom believed this launch would be as impressive as the first launch he experienced.

To hear the on-air interview with Tom, see Tweets, and a live-stream of the launch check out all the links below!

Live stream of the Flacon Heavy Launch posted by SpaceX

Written By: Chloe Hopper