Live On The Green — Not just for adults!


Mr. Steve stopped by the Lightning 100 Studio to get all the kids ready for Live On The Green 2014! Enjoy his song “Don’t Text And Drive.”

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  1. Dear Lightning 100 staff,
    After attending last nights event I felt it was best to share my concerns to improve on the making this a more family friendly environment. I am not suggesting by any means adding a kiddie round up or bounce house or any carnival themed activity. Everything was going great until the last act.

    During the transition of shows from Spanish Gold to the Weeks the crowd of course become more dense. However, after about fifteen minutes into the show the crowd was so dense it felt dangerous. Hoards of people just kept streaming in and the place of blanket was shrinking. It was no longer fun. I had to leave because of the amount of people that kept filtering their way through the crowd to be up near the stage well into the performance.

    The best way I can put it was like a jar filled with rocks, then add sand and the constant dense stream of people were the water. There needs to be a post with a flag directing the flow of traffic. There needs to be an area where the standing crowd can do just that. It almost felt like there should have been more increased security on the lawn especially when the size of the crowd started to invade your personal space.

    I really feel it has gotten to the point where I either need to cut out after the second show which I do not want to do or have to go all in with a VIP Pass in order to maybe feel like my kids and I can see the show with out it being a free for all heavy traffic stream of humanity. I would be more than happy to share where I was sitting to give you better feedback to consider in addressing this traffic consideration. I was very upset that I had to leave. It just felt out of control and the people became ruder the more we tried to block traffic with 10 other of my new found friends and it just did not work.

    I also must add I have been attending this show for about five years with my kids as well. It has worked out. I think the draw has gotten exponentially bigger this year. Kudos to Lighting 100. Just very upsetting as a participant. The time frame of the show is reasonable to be there as a family on a school night so I don’t think my parenting judgement to have stayed I need to question. Unfortunately due to the circumstances I found myself sitting in my car before 8:30 p.m..

    Thank you for all you do by keeping my toe tapping.



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