Tempo by EAMOTION at the Nashville Fairgrounds


After many months without concerts, a new form of live entertainment has come to Nashville! Participate in the audiovisual journey of Tempo by EAMotion at the Nashville Fairgrounds starting Friday, September 18th through Tuesday, September 22nd.

Tempo is a unique, immersive experience along a drive-through course. EAMotion’s CEO Erik Anderson described to WRLT’s Dan Buckley what to expect on the course. “Along the way we’ve got video, lightning, special effects, lasers, all kinds of stuff going. And it’s all synchronized to music that we’ve composed.” To listen, you’ll tune into an FM transmission in addition to speakers placed all along the track. Talk about a lively concert experience in an absolutely pandemic-proof fashion!

With a name like Tempo, the music is integral to the experience. Anderson said, “It’s all very cohesive and it’s meant to be visually evocative and very emotional.” It’s also an upbeat experience: “It’s fun! It’s all 120 bpm. The name of the show is Tempo so we kept this tempo running the whole time.”

Check out our preview of Tempo!

Anderson and his team stepped up to the challenge of making live music possible again. “We wanted not just to try and create something that felt like a band aid or a drive in concert. We wanted to use this as an opportunity to create a completely new experience.”

EAMOTION is also helping to support the local Nashville music scene. Anderson said, “We’ve got over 15 different production vendors and then there’s over 200 people involved in doing just these first five shows in Nashville.”

Check out Tempo by EAMotion at the Nashville Fairgrounds! Tickets are on sale here. Just bring your car, ticket, and concert-buddies. You won’t want to miss it!