The Wild Reeds Release Telepathic Mail Music Video

Photo by Kenall Rock

You’ve been hearing “Telepathic Mail” from The Wild Reeds on Lightning 100, and today, they’ve released their brand new music video for the track. The LA-based five piece led by Kinsey Lee, Mackenzie Howe and Sharon Silva, with drummer Nick Jones and bass player Nick Phakpiseth, released their third LP, Cheers, earlier this year via Dualtone Records.

Following the release, the band set out on a national tour and still found the time to explore other artistic ventures which can be seen in the “Telepathic Mail” video- a collaborative effort between Lee and Nashville artist Jake Johnston.

On the inspiration for “Telepathic Mail” and its video, Lee says, “This song came out fast. When we were in the studio recording World We Built  I had been dreaming a lot and trying to log every morning. Over the last couple of years I have tried to connect the dots between coincidence and the divine connectedness that I have felt with certain people in my life. As I get older I can’t help but see the magic starting to slip away in my waking life however in my dreaming life the magic holds free reign. I think adult logic starts to set in, I think technology and the ego start to take up residence and we become isolated from our connection to the ‘Divine Web’ while we become more connected to the World Wide Web. This video plays on the battle between the third eye and the all seeing eye that we hold in our hands on the daily trying desperately to connect with each other.”

Watch the video for “Telepathic Mail” below! Click here to stay up to date with The Wild Reeds!