Adam Melchor “not good for you” – ONErpm Hitmaker Alert

Adam Melchor
Adam Melchor "not good for you" - ONErpm Hitmaker

This week’s ONErpm Hitmaker is Adam Melchor’s “not good for you.” 

Adam Melchor has been able to create a discography that is as lush and unique as his lyrics. He’s been able to mix off-kilter indie lullabies with the grit of a melancholy singer-songwriter. “not good for you,” although a short track, stands as the perfect look into his sound. 

Within the two minute track, Melchor reveals an undeniable truth- trying to revive a love that has already passed is to hold onto an inevitable sickness for too long. There’s no true cure, and it’ll always be there. It may not be good for you, but there’s something there still lingering. Perhaps the most poignant lyric stands in the first verse – “Now I’m back and big surprise // Like clockwork and the midnight chime // to see if you’ll forgive me.” 

Melchor’s career began as an opera student from New Jersey; his impromptu road trip to Los Angeles led to him signing with a major labor. He’s opened for artists like Laufey, Noah Kahan, Dodie, and Jeremy Zucker. His writing accomplishments even include Ashe, Alexander 23, Briston Maroney, and the Chainsmokers. 

His work is nothing short of authentic and raw. Melchor’s discography is littered with stories of heartbreak, love, longing, and loneliness. “not good for you” is a track that encompasses all of this- even if it’s on the shorter side. It’s easily replayable (trust me). 

Listen to “not good for you” below!

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